Model by me!

And yes, I realise that the mantlet area is much rounder than the larger cupula. I’ll fix that later.

Model something we need for the next release, you heavy tank fetishist :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, looks great so far.

Spiked told me to model it. He wants all ground units in the next release…

Are you gonna make the Porshe varient too?
OR just the production model?
Porshe built 50 of their Tiger II tanks.

Just the ‘Henschel’ turreted version (Even though both turrets were designed and produced by Krupp, and only the Henschel hull was ever produced)

No point in the Porsche turret.

Looks like blocks…




Nearly done now. :ugeek: <— This guy looks like Lenin.

Very, very hot shit. Hurry so we can plug it in!!!

WOW I wish I know how to use blender.

:ugeek: <–this guy is Lenin in a smily form

Know I hope the paint job will be good, like camo paint?
Germany extensively used camo during the war

Actually, I think they plan on using neon tones on this model.



Modelling, meshing and smoothing done!


Onto UV mapping!

Very nice. Remember to model some allied heavy tanks or tank destroyers or else ppl will chose Germany only!

M36 should be enough to deal with Tiger II (still, maybe not 1 on 1). Allies don’t have any tanks to fight it on even terms though, you’ll have to use tactics (or just swarm it with weaker units).

Gunwise, anything with a 17pdr, 100mm, 122mm or 90mm will be able to take them on - but they all lack armour in comparison. Even the IS-2 doesn’t really have comparable armour.

btw yuri, you should make WIP threads for all your unit and featureset models :slight_smile:

Hey I think I know how to balace it. Make the Koenigstiger very energy(logistics) consuming.

So: Problem solved!


The Tiger II will by far be the best tank in the game (barring super-weapon shit we may at some point release in the far, far future). The only practical way to destroy them is with air attack. Some things like the Jackson or IS-2 will be able to kill it from point-blank, but it’ll be able to kill them from halfway across the map.

Hi, here is the Tiger II WIP.

I’m using this: hsfeatures.com/features04/images/tigeriicl_3.jpg for most inspiration on the camo pattern.

I did a test

I made Sherman 75mm reload time .5 – basically, it fires twice every second.

I then pitted 25 of them against 5 King Tigers.

25 Shermans firing at 120rpm managed to kill all the KT’s – with a single Sherman remaining, at 10% health.

So basically, 5 King Tigers = 100 Shermans.