Unit Texture Overhauls/Improvements

Done after a ~30 minute overhaul.

dude i wish i had your painting skilZ =)

Before and After.

BA-64 (top is new, bottom is old)


Tiger II

i just see little differences on the tiger II but isee on the other models what you done.

looks awesome they now look more real, cool =)

the Tiger II texture is one of the latest so it didn’t need as much improvement.

I really like the difference in the Tiger I though.

yeah, Tiger I looks dramatically better. nice stuff spiked.

yes really good work never saw that cool textures except in pro-games…(bfbc2…etc…)

Daimler Armoured Car

:astonished: AWESOME :open_mouth:

Cromwell. This was an insanely shitty texture and uvmap, had to fix both.

looks cool, gj spike

Cromwell Mk VI

Added star to help differentiate from regular Cromwell

Okay but didnt they deletet the Star from the hull during the war?
Same like Germans had the problem with the White cross in the first years of war? Or did they just delete the cycle around the star?

Anyways cool texture.

The white star was for aerial recognition and was adopted by the British for Normandy and beyond, having been the standard US emblem throughout.

before, they had a series of really boring square and circle outlines.