Finished uvmapping and started texturing of the SU-100.

This beastly thing first rolled off the production lines and onto the front lines (notice the pun?) in the latter half of 1944. It was a development off of the SU-85, modified with more armour, a larger 100mm anti-tank gun developed from a naval artillery piece, and other minor improvements. Like the SU-85 it is based off of the T-34 chassis, and because of its simple but effective design over 2,000 were built in less than a year, seeing active duty during the Red Army’s thrusts into Hungary and Germany. With its 100mm gun it is one of the most heavily-armed tank destroyers in the game, surpassed only by the German Jagdpanther, barely.

I’ll add to that: the (nearly) same gun was available in towed form as the BS-3. That was roughly equal to German PaK-43. We probably don’t need those towed guns ingame anyway, at least until we’ll have a need to stop hordes of Tigers/ISs without any armor on our side.

Well the Germans will be getting the FlaK 36 so I don’t see why the Soviets shouldn’t get the BS-3, or the Americans the M1 90mm (17pdr is fine for those British bastards)

Flak 36 isn’t as good as BS-3, and I’m fairly sure the us 90mm was never standardised as an AT gun (though the M2 AA gun had a platform that allowed AT).

If we are going to add more AT guns, we should add light (Pak38 / 6pdr / 45mm) to the barracks. :wink:

Enough of this madness :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t need to nullify armor any more, considering the cheap tank destroyers’ punch far outweighs the protection of even the heaviest tank armor. Likewise, adding light AT guns would make all kinds of vehicles and light tanks FAR less useful and push the game more to the porcing side.

ooh, this is scary! Isn’t the ISU-152 enough? I don’t want the russians to be building this en masse and attacking my german bases.

light AT isn’t necessary, as it won’t do very much more damage, if any at all, than infantry guns like leIG 18 and M8 Pack Howie.

Anyway more work, almost done!

very nice, are there going to be more details on the back portion’s top?

Looks good. Here’s something to compare it to (that one is in my town):

Alright, looks like i’m done. Not as dark as that one Yuri but I tried to find an accurateish tone…

And final, ingame:

Weird lighting on that map? Looks a totally different colour.

(And btw, 6pdr was the first gun to knock out a Tiger, I doubt a pack how could manage that :stuck_out_tongue: )

I changed it, the original green looked like complete fucking ass ingame, and completely alien to all other Soviet units.

And that was obviously when the Tiger had only 20mm armour. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I think its pretty funny, if you look at the first WIP pic I posted and then the ingame shot, how fucking completely different it looks. A lot of work goes into that shit… well, not really. :stuck_out_tongue:

That color is good. My photo shows a unit that has been re-painted no less than a few dozen times since the war, so it’s only reference for geometry (as there are no proper military green paint, they use whatever dark green one they can find) :slight_smile: