[UNIT] New Panzer III [WIP]

Trying my hand at something more complex in 3DS Max, figured a shitty light tank would be appropriate.


How much Polys? (you can see it while making right click on the Scene option (on the left-top of a scene window) right click on the font “Top”/“Bottom”/“Left”/ect…) a Context menu should pop up where you can find “Statistics” or sth. like that. :ugeek:

looks actually :slight_smile:


I’m starting to really like 3dsmax


for the tracks you can use simply a plane model which don’t cost so much polys and can also be textured from both sides. I think for a RTS it would be better. :slight_smile:

Anyways looks cool

Maybe un-smooth the hatch and smooth the barrel.

bit more bits, all that’s left is various toolboxes, tools and other detritus stowed on the track guards.

flozi wants a wireframe mumumumu

Made vision ports cut in, more work on engine deck

Figured out how to do smoothing groups in 3DS Max.

Finished model. 5k tri count.

5k? isn’t that a bit heavy=? But looks good for sure lol

Not particularly.


did you worked with “Editable Mesh” or “Editable Poly” = ?

Editable poly, however you can switch back and forth to use different tools different ways.

I mainly used inset and extrude for creation of stuff; try to “inset” as much geometry as you can, yes it is very hard with round stuff. Also ofc used a lot of face slicing with the Slicing Plane as well as manipulation of vertices and bridging edges.

I use actually the Editable Mesh to look how much polys it have as mesh. But I use the Editable Poly as default. Did you already tried to UVW map? In 3DS max? “Unwrap UVW” as modifier.

Texture start GO

turret done, onto teh bodeh

sexy camo :smiley: