[UNIT] New Panther (Pzkpf 5 Ausf. G) [WIP]

Okay I decided to make the new Panther 5.
And by the way instead of doing it tomorrow I wasnt able to wait.
After alot of interruptions i got a result. :slight_smile:

Green = Done
Orange = Progress
Red = Not touched yet

Some stuff to do:(What’s missing?)

-Track-wheels still low poly
-MG34 added to the hull
-Night visions added yet(extra details)
-Turret and Details, body details (exthaus and stuff)
-some details
fixing some shapes and bugs

I try to add some extra Polys to make it easier to UWV map and texture some parts if needed.

The actual polycount shows me that the tank is still low (very low) poly but we will see what happends if i convert it to a mesh! (Often the double of what’s now)

High Res/Graphic Render:

Looking good so far.

Updatet the Vehicle:

-fixed some wheels
-more details and added most important stuff

Okay the Panther V is ready to hunt some tanks

There are two version possible one with side protection and one without.

The current renders are still new only change is a new track.

The render is made with “forced two sided” so the engine reners both sides of a plane/object to solve the problem that you can look through one of the object sides.

Poly count is now acceptable.

Hope you like it =)

Unfortunately Spring does not support rendering both sides of a plane, so single planes will appear see-through from the back. In order to fix this you will have to make the other side of the plane, but make it slightly seperated from the front plane – if both planes occupy the same point (but are simply flipped) the shading will bleed through each other and cause problems.

So instead of this:

as a single plane, you will want this:

far apart enough so that shading doesnt bleed but close enough obviously that it is hard/impossible to tell by eye that they are two different objects.

well I only rendered the scene (attachment) with both sides.

And I already tested it on the Italy buildings. For example on the camos of my italy hq. The Spring engine rendered both sides of the object.
In a render in 3Ds Max I must choose this in the option that it renders both sides in 3Ds max. But in spring it simply work.

You can try it yourself.

simply make a Plane make a top and bottom render. You will see that he will only render in 3ds max one side. So you can fix that in the Render Setups.

But if you add the model to the game it shows up both sides automatically.

(simply take a look at the italy hq…)

anyways now i just did that for presentation of the rendered vehicle.


Did it occur to you that over the years I’ve been heading graphics on S44 that maybe I actually did bother checking?

Not being one to just claim something, I decided to waste a few minutes of my time taking screenshots of it occuring in Spring.

thats strange… but i was talking about my models (the italy models in the italy branches which are currently untextured) i will check this out. And give you feedback.

Okay I checked it out or better yuri did that for me.
its because of the file format. Spring renders both sides because my Italy HQ is saved as .3do in the Italy branches. But as s3o I think you will be correct Spike. I didn’t knew that because I already saw my buildings in game and they didn’t had the problem.

But still back to the render I just forced it two sided in 3Ds max because it looks better that have nothing to do with the end product or exported version of the model.


Okay, critiques about the model:

Commander copula is wrong. Yours is straight-edged (vertically) with several large vision ports that are indented (they do not need to be, they can simply be squares with the “hole” part textured). The Panther’s copula should be sloping inwards (hyperscale.com/features/2000 … hemm_3.jpg) with much smaller vision ports and a machinegun “ring” leading all the way around above them (this is not needed tbqh as the Panther will not be having a MG there). Also as you see in the picture there is a second extrusion on the top of the turret, the bulbous little bit, that should be done.

As you can see in this pic: img519.imageshack.us/img519/5341 … ulljp0.jpg the mantlet and such does not extend from top to bottom of the turret but is infact much shorter.

Also, your barrel is far too narrow, as is its housing on the mantlet.

The turret is also not narrow enough at the front, and needs to be moved back on the hull a bit, as seen here: cad.com.au/realcad/gallery/panther-tank1.gif

The boxes on the back of the hull: hyperscale.com/features/2000 … ermm_5.jpg are not beveled as you have yours, but straight-edged.

The engine deck needs more detail in the form of the four small round thingies seen here: hyperscale.com/features/2000 … ermm_4.jpg Also, the two circular engine exhausts should be sloped inwards.

Also the front has a couple of protrutions; hyperscale.com/features/2000 … ermm_1.jpg

Your panther is also much too tall/thin, particularly the wheels which are too big (and thus makes the entire track section too tall):

Thanks for the feedback, i will have a look at this.

In fact there were version of the panther with different hull/turret designs.
Also the bodies had some different parts from A-G version (exhausts were different) They also used different turrets on the different versions.

Anyway I didn’t really used blue prints I found two blue prints on google which were very small. For the Commander copula I used Pictures from a little Panther model.

I think I will redo the complete tracks and I try to fix the proportions. I mainly made the model by using that pics upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … G_1_sk.jpg



if fixed alot of stuff and till now …lol it have 4k Polys as Mesh… lol

look in the remodelling threat…

I am sure that the reference I had had bevelled versions.

data3.primeportal.net/tanks/ulri … _of_11.jpg

maybe I had a bad view

modellversium.de/galerie/img … tamiya.jpg

well then i think i will fix that ^^


I fixed also the last known stuff.

And I decided to play a little bit with the basic marterials of 3Ds Max.

Not the best possible but just some eyecandy ^^

“Black Panther” :smiley:

Still 4k polys.

have a look at the remodelling threat :slight_smile:

still working here and there a little bit more on the vehicle.

-made a new turret front (my old design was correct but this one looks better)
-added better exthausts
-reached 5k (~5100)

I now want to fix some details but I think there are more then enough details added!

I hope you guys like it.

turret looks way too SHORT now

also, barrel still looks too thin

also, please stop hosting pics on that fucking website, just upload them to your post, that site spams me with popups and its fucking annoying

also, post without the track skirts (more used to seeing it without)

Do you want your fucking model to be used or not?

So wait, you expect me to search for and download some popup blocker rather than you spent 2 seconds attaching the pic to your post?

Don’t bother posting anymore unless you’re going to attach pics here.

Don’t care. I’d like to see it without it.

Why the fuck am I repeating myself.

I am art director.

Do as I say or GTFO.


[Was a missunderstanding]

Oops, I edited your post instead of make new one. Lulz!

colour coded for epicness

YELLOW: Mantlet shield needs to be larger/more pronounced

PINK: Make simplified commander copula version

RED: rear boxes need to be more pronounced/extended outwards

TEAL: Add these raised bits to model!

GREEN: Simplify wheel, Probably just make it solid faced and I do it with texturing

ORANGE: make muzzlebreak solid

BLUE: make smaller engine exhaust pipes

Spiked, there is such a thing as being overly heavy handed… not too many people can handle getting beat over the head about a project, even for improvement. I’m surprised N3mesis has put up with it this long.

okay after some missunderstanding and other stuff I finally tried to finish all suggestions spike had.

I remade the Commanders-Copula (because this one is easier to UVmap).
I also added some details and new exthausts (the previous ones looked better in my opinion).

Anyways you can find a render in my first post in this threat as well as the .rar file in the remodelling threat (dev).

I hope there are no more suggestions on that vehicle its now my final version.

~4.600 tris