[UNIT] New M4 Sherman & Variants

Blah blah blah, I’m modularizing the new Sherman; all US Sherman variants (M4A3, M4A3E8(W), M4A3(105), M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson) will use a single texture; all British Sherman variants (Sherman VC Firefly, M10 Achilles SP) will likewise utilize same texture.

See below.

Same texture? or same UVmap? Different textures help aid identifcation

Yes same texture. Besides icons, they’ll be able to be physically differentiated by obtuse placement of faction symbols in different places for each; turret, hull side, hull front, etc.


bit more



old and busted vs new hotness

76mm version completed


M10 and how the three may appear ingame or something

Finished the three primary US versions and the two British versions (SP Achilles and Sherman VC Firefly)

The fruits of our labour.