[UNIT] M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage Scott [COMPLETE]

M8 Scott:

With Stuart

Looking good. Though I might brown it up a bit more.

The machine gun is floating in thin air! So is its ammo box!

Only from one side… Those faces need doubling up.

It uses unmodified Stuart base, which is a bit wrong (M8 base was a modified Stuart, geometry was different). Anyway, the difference isn’t great.

So wait, you use a double-sided polystrip for a gun mount on the top of the tank, but pump all those tris into the wheels at the bottom? :stuck_out_tongue: Come on, you can afford a triangular thing, it’d only add an additional two tris and give some actual depth!

Work it gnomefish!!

Well, actually the polystrip is single-sided (hence it’s invisible in the shots)… If doubled, it would look better. We use double-sided polies (which sometimes come out as single-sided :frowning: ) quite a lot, look at the tracks for ex.