Unit Limits

Currently there are several unit restrictions:

No more than three barracks (for each side).
No more than three supply depots (for each side).
No more than three LZs for Britain.
No more than five tank yards for Germany.
No more than three Partisan shacks for USSR.

I’d like to know the reasoning behind these. Are they purely for performance issues? Gameplay-wise, I see no reason to have these limits. Furthermore, in team games they can be circumvented by giving units to an ally.

Mostly performance. German tank and supply depot limits are oversights. Commando is outdated from when they functioned a bit differently.

After GoogleFrog brought it up again, I think we should remove all unit limits:

  1. It gimps teams with less/dropped players if they need more rax.
  2. It doesn’t affect teams with at least 2 players if they know how to exploit it: give to ally, start construction, ally gives back.

I agree, the senseless unit limits are what turned a friend off (that and icon wars).

As stated above, it also makes 2v3 games much harder for instance.

I was going to make a topic but there’s already one. The game I bought it up I was excessing 40-60 after my ally left(2v2 game), it took too long to get decent veh and tank production to mop up all the excess and even then tank spam would not have stopped the enemy’s double inf production.

In the absence of objection, I have removed unit type limits in SVN.

Journier and Spiked objected strongly to this.

I am interested in scaling limits with game size, or even options control?

Personally, I would like to try four or five barracks. If the Germans have an upper tank limit, other sides should share some sort of limit. Partisan shacks should remain limited in my mind, though my opinion is not shared by all.