[UNIT] K-31 Mobile Crane

Russian engineer vehicle;

Model by Yuritch, UVed by me


Lol, why does everything Soviet always look so techno punk

How come round wheels aren’t used? It’s a big performance impact or?

What do you mean? Where in S’44 (or Spring, for that matter) have you seen round wheels? :wink: Most of our wheels are 6- or 8-sided, and they look ok ingame.
This vehicle is roughly the size of Soviet ZiS-5 truck btw, so those wheels aren’t that big anyway.

tbh I think it’s the coolest looking engi vehicle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will look especially great with the outriggers and supports properly animated.

Little bit of WIP

Done, 3 months later.

Excellent tex, as always. And 3 months later is muuuch better than never… :sunglasses: