[UNIT] Junkers 188 [COMPLETE]

-.- okay… let me explain… …let me show you my painting skills… i know it looks like someone from the first grade painted the UVW but really I worked first time with Gimp! (got several problems) After i succesfully painted simple models like a simple tank i modeled, i wanted to start on a “real” model. So this is the result in UpSpring after messing around with 3DS MaX and Gimp… lol i know its not very good but for me a beginning! I really beginn to like it painting own things on planes… so the Junkers 188 got the Night/winter camo… I KNOW actually we dont have winter maps but it was the easiest camo i found on google! lol I searched long time on google… yehh. At least… believe me you dont want to see my UVW map… lol :blush: :laughing: :confused: :astonished: :unamused:

yeah yuri… i know i made your model ugly now… xD sorry lol

i still work on it! Maybe someone can give me tips? i use Gimp and 3DS MaX!


Okay i overworked the skin alittle bit more… not Perfect but better… i will add Dirt and some other details…

UPDATE! So after i got some time during the week (well today…) i worked again on the Texture which is in version 3 now. (so i had 3 attempts on it)
I added “dirt” which normaly would be there if there would be a exhaust…of the engines lol. And i added some detals like numbers (plane number) and i tried to paint a little detail with hand on the bottom of the plane… well it doesnt look that bad =)

By the way the skin of the Ju 188 was called “Lufttiger Ju 188” which means something like “Airtiger Ju188”.

PS: Should it have the Swastika? No or?

As a scale model builder I’m all for keeping things as historical correct as possible, so adding the swastika would be fine with me.

By the way, I think you did the camouflage good, but I miss the panel lines of the plane.

well i agree with you but its not possible i live in Germany and its not allowed to use it here :stuck_out_tongue:

Flaps… panels etc… are in work.

Hmm, then would it be an option to have everything without swastikas as default, but give a separate program to enable them, like IL-2 Sturmovik did?

Not without breaking multiplayer sync.

Or doing it as a widget somehow? Probably a lot of work though.

Hammer and Sicle might get banned as well, considering the recent Europarliament decisions, etc. (this August they basically said Communism == Nazism).

Not surprising given the current economic climate :unamused:

“Black Sun” same… i will not add anything like that. Thr IronCross would be a option the “Balkenkreuz” the corss you often see on German tanks and planes… should be enough. Oh and “RUNEN” are also not … “good” if you write the S… (Runen is a old Germanic “language”)

Okay here is the Final version:

I added a lot more details and for a newbie in texturing its actually quite good in my mind. Thanks to Yuri for helping me with the UVW.

(added to the File dumb)

I like it. It looks good, especially for a first time texture-task.

and for someone who hates painting lol… i train on uwv mapping …actually…

Needs work.

It is far too cartoony; colour saturation is too high, everything is solid-colour, and there’s no “weathering” or realistic shading.

I wrote this tutorial awhile ago:


The first part deals with using Ultimate Unwrap, however the second half is a short but sweet tutorial on adding more realistic shading, weathering and etc. While it is old and my techniques have improved it would still be helpful.

Just as a short example, I start with this:

And turn it into this:

pretty much detailing every step.

Check it out, I hope it is still helpful.

thx dude the first helpful tip :smiley: i will try out the programm you used in the tutorial because 3dsmax is to strange… lol