[UNIT] Ju-87G-1 Stuka [COMPLETE]

This bad boy will carry a couple of 37mm semi-automatic cannons under the wings to pwn tanks, as it is doing so in the attached screenshot.

Are the blue wing tips teamcolored?


I just wanna say… WOW. Looks amazing. :astonished: The game in general looks awesome seen the screenies… keeep up the good work, you guys deserve medals (srry couldn’t think of another compliment at the time that this was written lol)

The wheels look wrong for a Stuka G-1. They are not covered in those fansy covers, as they are bogged down in Russian terrain…but since this is US VS GER VS USSR VS GB…I’m not so sure.

I’d have thought so too (they weren’t on the old crappy AATA version) but almost every reference pic I’ve seen, especially of the G-1, shows the wheel covers, which leads me to believe that their removal was far less common.

Wheel covers are essential for every Stuka type. They reduce air drag, especially useful for the G because it generally has worse air performance than even the rest of Stukas (which are all bad in that department) thanks to its large gun gondolas. That means all (sane) pilots will try to keep the covers and replace them if lost at the first opportunity - it’s a few extra km/h of speed and a bit more of range, which could easily mean the difference between life and death in a combat situation.



I think new units are coming very fast on this game. Soon there are so many units no-one remember them(if you remember then now.)