[UNIT] Jagdpanzer IV/70 (V) [COMPLETE]

Nothing spectacular; went for a single-tone colour scheme this time, for something different.

Where’s the spare tyres (roadwheels) at the back of the tank?
This looks simple to me though but it’s quite nice.
Are you gonna include armour plating?


looks especially good for being monochromatic

Shit, forgot to put the spare roadwheels. Thanks for reminding me.

The idea of spare tyres on a tank is just… amazing :slight_smile: (spare roadwheels are needed though)
This model just shows that a lot of detail can be created using texture only (but it’s still somewhat flat, something like a long radio antenna would be good to add).

i think the texture is awesome as well as the overall model, but the very top just needs something to kill the absolute flatness.
if you look at this page you can see some cool details of a Jagdpanzer: axishistory.com/index.php?id=7882

maybe just a small light on top or an antenna.

very awesome tho dont get me wrong. :smiley: