Here’s a cool shot I took after implimenting the IL-2 (not textured or mapped).

The IL-2M will be Russia’s Ground Attack aircraft, armed with rockets, but being armed with bombs as well will mean it’ll be able to do bombing runs.

Are we giving it the AA MG? Main feature of Il-2M (as opposed to vanilla Il-2) was the addition of AA machinegunner who seats behind the pilot and provides rear semisphere protection. Not very effective, but at least those Bf-109s won’t have free attack runs on the Il-2 from the rear (attacking it from the front is sure suicide anyway considering all the weapons there :slight_smile: )

Yep, they have 'em. :wink:

Same with the Stuka, too.

did the devs realize that the stuka’s armour is penatratable only by weapons above 20mm caliber?hard arse to shoot down.