[UNIT] Fiat 626

Modeled by Yuritch, currently being textured by me.


Basic Italian Truck!



That wood needs to be much higher resolution.

Well, that may be a problem with the UV Map, then. Each of those sets of three vertical panels gets between 16x25 and 19x25 pixels of space on the map. I sampled pretty high resolution wood and then manually darkened/lightened it. I will try to compress another sample or create one that looks better but I forsee a little difficulty with that. I believe I can do it, however.



I made this.

Would you be interested in doing some texturing for us, Lipstick?

I’d love to try.

Are you familiar with any kind of modelling / UVmapping software?

Wings3D, basically. I’ve played with it doing random stuff, but nothing worth sharing. As for textures, I’m aware of the basics of UVMapping, but I haven’t actually textured anything at all. Call it lack of time or lack of interest.

Cool. Wings can import OBJ files, correct? How’d you like to try texturing something (already UV mapped).

Yes, it can import OBJ files. And yes, I could try texturing something.