[UNIT] E90 Tiger III Ausf.L [non S44 related][BIG]

This is my E90 Tiger III Ausf.L based on Sebastian Nasts design studies.

The E90 was the original E100 project by Adler for the Heereswaffenamt. Later the Heereswaffenamt changed the plans and wanted a 150mm Gun. Because of the fact that Adlers design was to small to fit a 150mm Gun they ordered him to make the Maus turret fit on his design. In order to make this possible he was forced to add one more track-wheel and extend the chassis a little bit more. After these changes for the Heereswaffenamt the vehicle was around 140tons heavy, and (I guess) for paper reasons they didn’t changed the name to “E140” but all vehicles of the E-Series had the weight in their names except this one. His previous project was then renamed to “E90” because it weight around 90t to 100t also to make it fit in the E-Series row. These heavy vehicles are unlikely to use normal Bridges, instead they could use Trainbridges.

The Adler-E90 Design:

A lot of wartime-expierences with all German vehicles influenced the design that include a new kind of protection called “Schottpanzerung” which is standard on the most armored vehicles today. Different armor thicknesses layered behind each other resulting in less weight but higher protection. Also a newer engine as well as sabot rounds for the guns were planned (and already tested). The E-Series also featured a standardization which was the main reason why the E-Series was introduced to make repairing and producing new parts easier and less expensive.

Some Specs:

Maybach HL230 700HP later modified 800HP (without turret, just for testing purposes later a modified or tuned variant by the engineers) Maybach HL230 Wikipedia
Maybach Turbocharged HL232 (fuel injection and some little modifications achieves already 1000HP) with 1200HP or 1500HP (10liters each kilometer…) Speed was calculated around 40km/h.
Rheinmetall/Krupp 128-mm-Hochleistungs-KwK Gun PaK44 / Jagdtiger Wikipedia
Protection: Even today its not possible to say how well the new “Schottpanzerung” would have performed if you read something about it somewhere on the Internet its pretty much a lie or just guessed.
Also even if there were shooting trials on the -single prototype- chassis the Steel used was made with poor quality same like the Steel used on the Tiger II. People may know that the Steel Quality in Germany was really bad in the last months of the war and had to be improvised with less good materials. I personally think the protection was theoretical the double of what the Tiger II had also by having a look at the weight differences.

Typical Battle group

A typical battle group would have consisted of:
1x Büssing NAG SWS (with gun as APC version or as Ammo/Gas support vehicle)
1x E50S based “Büffel” “Schützenpanzer” (Smiliar looking to the Bundeswehr “Marder” and todays “Puma” IFVs)
1x E90 Tiger III Ausf.L (Group)

Albums: Büssing NAG SWS, E50S Büffel

Sebastian Nast did some good work in trying to fill the logical gap between the Bundeswehr and Wehrmacht vehicles.
The question if deploying superheavy Tanks still would make sense after '45 is still interesting, sadly the E90 is still a very heavy vehicle with its 128mm high velocity gun it would have been a beast in the hand of an Tank ace but still a sitting duck against Planes. Especially planes similar to the principles of the G-Type StuKa.

My E90 model

I made this Model with Blender exactly over 7 to 8 Months ago. I wanted to get rid of AutoDesk 3DS Max. I look forward to get a SpacePilot soon as well =) Anyways there are still details missing and the vehicle is currently around 7000 to 8000 Polys heavy. I want to make the wheels a bit more detailed, the turret MG42 with -of course- Vampir-Nightvision is still missing, NightVision cables are missing, details on the front part like the drivers and radio operators sights are not completed, side protection details are still missing (some things could be made with a texture of course). Smoothing out the side protections and barrel make them look ugly I guess I need to use Subsurfs here but this will increase Polys so maybe later for Render/Presenting stuff.
The four renders are actually very old, I already made minor changes to the side protections to let them look less ugly while being unsmoothed. In these Render the Tracks are modified with Subsurfs. Since Blender updated their UI I really struggle with some problems working with it… at least the Blender version on my Netbook is still Old School should work there but is annoying cause it can’t handle so much Polys there.

Alright thats it, I hope you guys like it, it was my first real Blender model and I really didn’t had any problems working with Blender its well documented, it took me just 2 to 3 hours to figure out the most.


I never really felt satisfied with the outcome of the model. Growing older really shortens time on things you might loved to do back in the day.
This are not new renders, but at least interested people can see my model, however the last one might look new :laughing: . I absolutly love this thing. I always wanted to finish it and make it perfect looking for a little mod.


Hey guys!

My E90 will go through a major overhaul. If you guys are interested in progress just give me a hint. :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry that there is no progress yet on my side. In 2014 I hope I can recover from reallife and can start what I’m planning since 3 years now.
At the time projects like my car and my other hobbies taking on huge RL ressources.