[UNIT] Churchill Mk. VII [COMPLETE!]

Some info: The Churchill tank was designed from the concept of an infantry tank, which in British military jargon meant a slow, heavily-armoured support tank for use with infantry. Much heavier than the “Cruiser” tanks, infantry tanks are built to take extreme punishment on assaults on fortified enemy defensive positions.

The Churchill Mk VII first saw action in Normandy during the D-Day campaign and proved a formidable adversary to the German panzers. Although armed only with a 75mm gun (the same as on the M4 Sherman and Cromwell Mk IV), it was the most heavily-armed Allied combat vehicle in Western Europe and developed a reputation as the only tank capable of withstanding fire from infamous German heavy tanks.

Slow and methodical, the Churchill Mk VII is best used in situations where its heavy armour can be utilized to best effect, soaking up fire from heavy enemy guns to allow for lighter-armoured units to move in. It is more than capable of taking on medium tanks and although it has the armour to withstand multiple hits from heavy tanks, its light armament means that it will eventially succumb – although Churchills have been known to be able to take out Tigers and Panthers by attacking from its flanks.

Current WIP:

A bit more work (yes, basically those fucking front fenders, fuck this fucking shitty tank is annoying)

Note quite done yet. Gettin’ there!


That square on the turret side is in teamcolor, right?