[UNIT] C-47 [DONE]

And here is the thing that will be dropping those paratroops.

yeah will there be German paratroopers too?


A bit more work.

Yes, there will be German paratroopers. He might not model or texture it, though, so I’ll have to step up for that.

Neddie, get the Ju-52/3m model from my svn if you want to do that :slight_smile:
(it still needs uvmapping though)

I will have absolutely no part in German paratroopers, so you’ll have to do it all on your own.

And I don’t give you permission to use my parachute model, just to be an ass. XD

Anyway, completed.

For some unknown reasons texture looks mirrored in upspring (most noticeable on the D8 marking). Probably upspring bug.


Another ingame shot:


Size comparison: