[UNIT] BM-13N Katyusha [COMPLETE!]

Short video showcasing Katyusha:


Love the music

And very well done, the models look good and the rocket shot/smoke trail is fantastic. :smiley:

You can thank… erm… I don’t remember who did that trail… either PL or Snipa… I think PL. I always get the two confused for some reason.

Continuation of caravan-robbing raid. Urban Assault had an “unreleased” explansion with a Taerkasten campaign, and one of two units that got added was the anti-air Ostwind. Of course, it didn’t look anything like Ostwind; it looked exactly like this thread.

I’ve made myself an ostwind model, but it doesn’t feature tits. So, let’s rob caravans: can i steal your Katy? :stuck_out_tongue:

For what use exactly? Who are you? :frowning:

I assume the Steel plated windows with the slits are so that a German Rifleman dosnt have to just shoot in the general direction of the Katyusha and the crew is dead, and I imagine these would cost quite a bit more than a Neubelwerfer?

No, the steel plated windows are to protect the cabin from the considerable exhaust of the rockets flying over it.

It is indeed more expensive; it holds 3 x the rockets and is mobile.

well i suppose. but realy its a flatbed truck with missiles on the back.

also, 1 volley then running out of ammo sounds fair…