[UNIT] Airstrip

Airstrip buildings: Control Tower and Hanger

Ingame mockup

awesome detail! jsut how does that truck move out of all those crates and drums tho?

It doesn’t, it sits there.

I’ve redone the grounddecal to a more high-res one. It’s still WIP:

German “Freya” Radar that’ll be buildable on the airfield. I modelled two types, a lone radar mast and one attached to a bunker. Germany will be able to build either, with the bunker providing much more protection (albeit building much slower).

Obviously, I will be utilizing transparency to greatly cut down on face numbers

Okay so here’s the old decal since some people don’t seem to know the difference :stuck_out_tongue:

great model how much polys it have already?

These will no longer be used anyway, except possibly as map statics.

maybe you guys can make a airstrip working with more sevral buildings so you build the airstip with the unit then you build next to it a radar thing and next to it ammo thing then maybe it woulnd take so much place? or something? the ammo thing load the planes the radar i dont know lol and well you … maybe you know what i think about?!?

maybe we could have this for the gmtoolbox

well we still have the freya as normal radar… for Germany. Will it be able t get upgraded into the bunkerversion for more defence? would be cool.

I’d still like to see many German structures able to upgrade into bunkerized/hardened versions as a faction-specific bonus. Namely, logistics storage, barracks, and radars.

well… i made the bunker barracks… and we could use the yards i made or some for germany as upgrades of the yards they actually in-game? they are like bunkers.

Well better explaination: We could use the buildings i made as upgrades instead of replacing them? For example i made the bunkerbarracks the storage bunker and i made the yards more bunkerlike. Have a look in the threat… i could texture them maybe… but i focused my work on texturing more neccessary things to help yuri with the italians. mainly learning uvw mapping…