Unique Gubbinz

Look at me flash boss!

So some thoughts on unique gubbins.

Several already in the game; British Commando, German HQ Bunker, German super-heavy tankies, erm… Brit/US turreted tank destroyers, Ger/US infantry guns in barracks, Soviet Partisans, Soviet ATR…

Some other miscreant thoughts on unique, useful units:

German PAW 2000 - essentially an enlarged recoilless rifle (75mm). These things were small and look similar to Panzerschreks with a gunshield and wheels. Ingame use would be a cloaked anti-tank gun with shortened (~50%) range of standard 75mm gun but much longer range than a Panzerschrek. Slow like towed gun. Built in towed gun yard, perhaps barracks (as it was an infantry weapon and not an artillery weapon).

US Mortar Halftrack - Perhaps the US Halftrack can upgrade into a version with a heavy mortar. Lose half, perhaps all of its transport capacity.

British Universal Carrier/Wasp - Very jeep-like, similar to BA-64 actually, except it can have a flamethrower!

US DUKW - I know Yuri’s made one (and scripted it and everything, that useful bastard). I was thinking it could have dual purpose; be able to transport troops AND deploy into ammunition.

German Bunker Complex - Had an idea that the Bunker HQ could built secondary and tertiary bunkers around it, such as Bunker Barracks, Bunker Vehicle… stuff, Bunker Ammo Storage, machinegun pillboxes and anti-tank casemates. The point of the Bunker building this is so German players can’t porc. If they want to make defenses anywhere other than their start position they have to build a new HQ, etc. But it allows the German player to further fortify his base.

German Wasserfall - Anti-aircraft rocket battery, essentially it fires a waterfall (hence the name) of rockets (ie a line of them), each with heavy cable attached; supposed to be fired infront of attacking planes, cables catch plane and damage it and etc. Essentially a one-shot-kill defense weapon with a very limited upward cone of fire.

German fortified and/or hidden supplies – The huns loved hiding supplies in barnyards, farmhouses etc, as well as fortified bunkers and underground complexes. Perhaps German supplies could further upgrade/morph into one of these.

German Dragon’s Teeth - Germany also loved building rows upon rows of concrete dragons teeth, which offer far more formidable obstacleness for enemy tanks. Would be a large (3x3 or 4x4) series of dragons teeth.

Soviet observation post - Soviet observation infantry could morph/upgrade into a simple observation post; it was common for these posts to be nothing more than a guy climbing to the top of a tree, or using power line pole with a little seat ontop. Stationary, non-cloaking, offers a large LOS view.

British Maquis Intelligence or something - A way so that the British HQ magically spawns LOS around the map. Could be as simple as spawning a luagaia non-controllable partisan unit, cloaked, that just walks around for a bit then disappears randomly around the map, offering British random intelligence on maps. Sometimes useless, sometimes helpful if they appear near enemy base or defenses.

US Heavy Bomber Run or Naval Bombardment - An asset available to the US, either from the Airfield (if Heavy Bomber Run) or some shipyard of some sort (if Naval bombardment) which allows US player to call in, every once in awhile, a heavy-duty attack. Bombing Run would simply be bombs falling magically from the sky and pancaking an area (perhaps too devestating?), naval bombardment would be like a large artillery bombardment. Both sound cool.

German Artillery Train - Similarly, German HQ or some such could get an asset of a single giant shot from some faraway train cannon; just a single, massive, inaccurate explosion.