Ui progress thread.

Current mockup.

Click for larger image


Russian skin

  • going to be russian od

Brit skin

  • Mickey mouse cammo

America skin

  • (uses base color) Done

German skin

  • Dark grey with black hints


  • rusty metal


  • scaling
    • fits behind little screen DONE
    • Scales based on aspect of map and fits that to screen
      Resource bar
  • Logistics
    • basic bar(done)
  • Logistics time till drop
    • basic bar
  • Command acquired
    • basic bar(done)
  • show ((current flags) (team flags)) | total flags
    • E.G. You have 2 flags, your team mate has 3 and the map has ten
      • (2) (5) | 10
  • Numeric fps display DONE
    InGame time
  • numeric time display broken into hours.minutes.seconds DONE
  • visual representation of personal latency DONE
  • visual representation of cpu usage DONE
    Chat box
  • lower left corner position
  • team color names
  • (other stuff)
    command/build menu
  • on lower right, I am half assing it, someone else can spiff it up
    Info box
  • top right corner
    • displays pic of current unit you have mouse over.
      • use custom tag to allow for dev team to put tips under description
    • shows info about terrain otherwise
  • Scales based on resolution.

That is all I can think of.
Orange items are in progress
Red are done

When we add more sides, can we just modify and plug in some different images, or is it going to be more difficult?

I will include a psd, that psd should show how to do the skining.

Son of a bitch this shit took forever.

Current work commited to the svn.

More to come tomorrow I hope.



I realize this may be a little late in the game for suggestions, but that info dumped under the Minimap makes it a bit obtrusive. What about reorienting it to settle to the right of the map and under the Command / Logistics bars?

It’s looking amazing so far, Smoth.

That does look nice. How can I turn it off, if I want the old way back? Can the message area be scrolled?

that would be a unholy and painful bit of work :frowning:. Sorry.

What is wrong with it?

I have not even started on the chat.

What I have done so far is available in a branch in the svn if you want to see where I am.

Have not finished timer crapola… didn’t really do a lot today been kinda rough.

anyway, committed current progress which includes working logistics and command bars. I will be working on the timer and timer bar tomorrow. For now I am off to bed.

How can I enable/test that branch? Thanks

Edit: I was asking only becaus the default NON-UI can’t scroll back the text and it is a big problem :frowning:

svn repo is spring1944.svn.sourceforge.net/ … th/gui.sdd

Confusion fixed.

That goes into ~/.spring/mods/ and requires ~/.spring/mods/S44LiteRelease.sdd/

Smoth: Please try to understand, I have no intention of discrediting Your work in any way; I’m merely wanting to help to the best of my current abilities. I want You to know that You’re doing a great job.

Edit: I have now spent a lot of time writing, and this post has come rather long. I usually number only actual bug candidates in debug threads, but I’ll number paragraphs here too for easier keeping of track. I just want to say that “They are not bugs, I just numbered them for another reason”. First three (1,2,3) are actual bugs I think, and were numbered before I made this edit.

Here are my first impressions with r2396:

  1. I got this error:
in function 'GameFrame'
[string "LuaRules/gadgets.lua"]:928: in function <[string "LuaRules/Gadgets/s44_hud.lua"]:103:
attempt to call field 'GetMyPlayerID' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
	[string "LuaRules/Gadgets/s44_hud.lua"]:103: in function 'GameFrame'
	[string "LuaRules/gadgets.lua"]:928: in function <[string "LuaRules/gadgets.lua"]:926>
	(tail call): ?

Reloading didn’t change it.
Is this just because I played as GBR, while it is made for the US faction right now?

  1. While it looks cool, it is hard to read the minimap because of the overlay. Could it possibly be made lighter? Also it seems to be with a lot less contrast, smudgier, somehow…
    Is the minimap always going to end up as a perfect square now? With my current setup (without the UI) it has the actual proportions of the actual map, and this gives a much better perception about relative distances on the map, because most of the time I’m zoomed in at a level that doesn’t show the whole map.

  2. Pressing knob to get a “maximised minimap” will get you the UI on top of it, should be without.

  3. About the area below minimap: I have to agree to large part with BigTake, as it does take a bite away from that middle-horizontal viewing space.
    The flag count seems like a useless meter. Maybe a more useful one would include a meter that expresses percentage of flags you got from the whole map per alliance or team. The “metal bar” also includes numerical income value, if I understand correctly.

  4. As for the ping and cpu bar/meter, I noticed that the playerlist or advplayerlist2 widgets will be largely incompatible with this UI (overlapping), but a player list (never mind the make or kind) would be much more useful, and it would include ping and cpu meters.

  5. With numerical (also, they were color coded) meters like in player list I could see very clearly, if I needed to perhaps ‘$ killall -19 firefox-bin’ when my cpu was was highly utilised; or to pause the game if I was already lagging bad, to prevent myself from dropping timeouting. The cpu and ping meters that come with this version of the UI have a bar meter with 4 sections each for those, and I cannot see at a quick glance whether the cpu usage is 76% or 100%, both values would presumably show as all 4 sections active. Maybe there is a way to include the player list and renounce these meters from below the minimap.

  6. Ingame time and fps… I usually don’t bother about them since I can watch my real clock on my window manager task bar and if it gets some jerky movement then usually my cpu meter is also up in the sky :slight_smile: I guess they can be useful at times but it looks like that they take a lot of space there… Also it could be useful to have some hint as to what they are, with a tiny font for example. I had to look it up from the mocup.

  7. I had some tough time trying to figure out how the ammo/storage meter works.
    There is a yellow bar, a red bar, a number (I guess storage capacity), and a second number (I guess negative income).

  8. Is the new status area suppposed to be on top right corner? I suspect it was just not finished at r2396. The unit icon there at the status area would imo just waste space, if I want to look at a particular unit / unit type I can scroll in on the main viewport.

  9. With the UI running, I started getting really really low fps at one point. It won’t show fractional numbers, or negative numbers, and will only show “1 fps” even when it is much lower. I don’t know what is causing this low fps however, it was cpu constrained and before I tried the UI I got ~60 fps in a similar game situation. What is even worse, this low fps phenomenon continued after I removed the UI… :S Help…

  10. With the UI running nothing could be deployed or undeployed, everything stayed at 0%, nor was I unable to upgrade any yards.

  11. C.R.A.I.G spawned but didn’t do anything with the UI enabled. I suspect the error in 1.

  12. Neddy said that this design will have things on top and bottom, but not on the sides; but where is the build menu going to go? Currently with this setup it still sits on left hand side.
    I’d like to once again emphasise that I’m not against anything, I just want to make things more clear for me and everybody.

About Neddie’s next post: Oh sorry, I got it all wrong then.
Parts that are going to be down below have not been implemented yet anyhow.
I think maybe it would be beneficial for someone else to try if he gets the same behaviour for some of those problems.

I said that the design I made would have had things on top and bottom… not this one. But yes, I thought this would have the build menu down there too. I haven’t tested it yet, though.

Because smoth said to me that Neddy made him do all of those things at gun point, I’m now suggesting that people other then smoth make some comments on what I posted earlier, and see if they get similar, or perhaps dissimilar impressions. Thanks

All of what things at gunpoint?


So I have given it a lot of thought on how to handle the bottom. I kinda like the little build bar on the right, if you guys could show me how to do this with it, I think I can resume work.

The command box things are not square because I wanted to make them readable while still not taking up a lot of screen space. Anyway. Critique away.

I think what you have there but with the buildbar on the right edge of the screen (as you said) is pretty much ideal.

I’m not sure how to set the buildbar to do that - it goes far right for me automatically, but perhaps it has a param or something for where on the screen it goes. I can poke at its code tomorrow (people more competent than me probably should as well - its jK code I think).

revised again. Now i sleep.

I hate the buildbar with a passion.

Seriously. I fucking despise that piece of shit widget.