UI stuff

I just remembered (I just found) that I started making some UI stuff.

I don’t quite remember where I was going with it, but I think they look pretty good.

I created two bars, for Command and Logistics. My original thought was that these would come in minimized and maximized versions; ie minimized would show only basic info like the bar and time til next Resupply, while maximized would show more information such as exact +/- figures and such.

Here’s some attached files.

The first shows the two UI elements for Command and Logistics in both minimized and maximized form. The little arrow/chevron would be the button used to open/close the elements. Here’s a rundown:

The top element on the first image is the Logistics Bar. Minimized (left) it shows simply the amount of supplies (in the form of ammo shells) and the time until next resupply (the “R:”). Maximized shows another bar which I forget what it was for, as well as “S:” which stands for Storage and indicates the number of storage buildings you’ve built.

Bottom element is Command. Minimized simply shows amount of command. Maximized shows Command amount as well as +/- amounts in two seperate bars, and a little Flag which would have a number over it showing the number of flags you have (the number and/or flag itself could change colour depending on if you’re gaining/losing a flag. ie if you’re currently capturing a flag it will be green; if the enemy is bringing one of your flags down it would be red)

The second image shows an example of what it would look like on the screen. Ignore the bars next to “S:”.

Anyway, I have no idea where I was going with those UI elements and I’m showing them simply to show what’s possible. Ultimately I’d like to work with those who actually make the functionality of the UI stuff so I can design elements specifically styled and keyed towards that. So if you guys could tell me what you’d like to have, I’ll do it.

Here’s a couple more, for a menu. Two different buttons (one with three selection options, ie Hold Position, Maneuver, Roam, and an example what it might look like in a layout w/ buildpics)

Test layout #2:

This is a awsome UI i really want to see in game :slight_smile:

I’m working on a more, shall we say, viable GUI with this as the basis. Zerg and I may start collaborating on it in a few months.

dudes if this get in game i will have more fun and more motivation to play this really cool, keep up the work lol i remember i wanted to make some Italy weapons but yuri didnt told me which lol i will try to ask him :smiley: