Ubuntu Repository

To get the latest stable version of Spring: 1944 for ubuntu (10.10,maverick and later) open up a terminal and do:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:spring/ppa 
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:s44/stable
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install spring1944

after that’s done you can run “Spring: 1944 Lobby” from your Application/Games menu or launch s44lobby from terminal.

thanks, i think its very big is it possible to make the Map package and Client seperate 200Mb+ is a bit to larg for maybe person which dont have this good internet.

I downloaded themn with 230kb/s max.
But only for person which dont have a good conducted

(Red=Translated with google).

Connection, not Conducted. Conduction would be the right conjugation of the wrong word. Google needs a better translator.

yeah I thought about maybe its wrong thats why I made it red, thanks for the correction.

It is indeed possible to split the big package up and I have that already planned too.

there is a new distribution (jaunty) do this have a effect on the reository?

Yes. I’ll need to re-publish the package for jaunty. I first want to seperate it into map and data package tho.

Edit: I did copy the engine related and SpringLobby packages from the spring ppa for jaunty already

edited first post with new instructions for Jaunty (package has been spilt into one containing the game only and a new spring1944-maps package)

@Admins i would say that somebody edit the Homepage/Downloads and add the reposity there so everyone can find it OR link the threat.

jaunty repo updated to 1.06

edit: updated first post to reflect repository split by series

and now i’ve updated the package with the right mod archive >_>


The reopsitory works and well not everyone can find it directly when he need to search through the forum i would recomand to put the repository on the download section of the main site or a link from the download site to the threat…

updated first post with new repository location; seperated old, deprecated intrepid instructions

great thx

did you add the 1.07 patch?


koshi the new Ubuntu was released… 9.10.

created a new ppa for karmic at: launchpad.net/~s44/+archive/karmic/+packages
tried to copy existing things over, but have little faith they’ll actually build. Also build isn’t schedlued for another 14 hours. If it indeed fails I’ll get on really rebuilding packages some time tomorrow

Thx koshi. Now i only need springlobby and spring-engine for karmic, as jaunty springlobby version crashes trying to launch spring, but it works manually, :wink: