Uber-Super flags bug

This picture should say it all:

Some maps have very screwed up metal which breaks the flag placer a bit. For those, you can make a profile for it by hand (ask FLOZi how to do so).

Ok, thnx. I will ask him, eventually… when I get unlazy enough to learn something new XD.

I’m tempted to rewrite the thing eventually. Is that Zeus in the picture?

What’s wrong with the current one? The behavior in the picture can be avoided by playing with settings, it just tends to make it miss things on normal maps. Not worth the time to rewrite, imo :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it wouldn’t be soon even if I did it. I think my next projects are going to be a Python .tdf/.fbi parser, and then some sort of tutorial mission. Unfortunately I’ve got a major school project looming…

does any one notice flags captured by the enemies are attacked by ships and some of my men got suppressed by it although they may have been suppressed by enemies i couldn’t see :unamused:

Ships shooting at flags is a bug, and should be fixed in svn (and v07). If it’s not fixed there, let us know.

Can anybody confirm or deny the fix?