Two ideas: tank range shift and smoke rounds for tanks

So US and GBR tend to struggle in the late game, particularly US, often due to a lack of range. zCram suggested compressing the ranges somewhat, but I think we could perhaps go even further and make all tank ranges essentially the same, and model the quality of the gun by the accuracy and movingtargetaccuracy. this way, tank combat is less about outranging your opponent and more about getting a superior firing position/gun.

ignore this bit, it was sleep-deprived foolishness <_<
[size=85]However, entirely apart from that, I’m thinking of giving Sherman and Cromwell (maybe firefly) a smoke shell with a small cover radius, like the one from the mortar. This would give them a lot more flexibility later on in the game when big guns are owning them from far away - they can blind those guns/make them super inaccurate.[/size]

Giving ‘regular’ tanks smoke rounds does not sound good to me. Their guns are just not capable of that (and don’t really have enough range for it), and you have other means to smoke that enemy artillery.

Giving them smoke mortars (which only smoke the area around the unit which used them) would be better imo.

+1 to yuri

Well, I’m fairly sure sherman and cromwell tanks could fire smoke shells from their regular guns - the idea is mostly to help them deal with enemy tanks later in the game, since they really struggle at the moment even with superior numbers.

Surely that is what Cromwell CS and Sherman 105 are for.

Yes, it is - I figured the difference would be 105/CS are suited for assaults (large radius smoke) while sherman/cromwell standard would be more for smoking up enemy tanks, but that’s absolutely true. perhaps I just need to make that a more viable combination

Ignore the big part or the little part? Because the little part is interesting, and the big part makes me roar in fury.

Yes, the fury is certainly there. Compressing ranges is perhaps an interesting idea but the real remedy that would have good effects on the gameplay would be the addition of few longer-ranged units to said factions. They needn’t be tanks, either. US doctrine and all that, they had some long range hipower tank destroyer to concider the tigers, make it slow reload and all is good. Idk about GBR, I let the good historians take care of that.

Supporttanks r better for making smokewalls 2 get closer 2 the enemy.
u need a smoke wall 1000m in front of u 2 get 1000m closer 2 the enemy ,but i never saw that tactic ingame because tanks were (was? ) expensive and a single supporttank cant do a wall.
I like the idea of US tank doctrine , Jumbo is not good at offense , it can only take hits from range (watch my latest replay) . Its better 2 engage with sherman (standard) and wolverine. Who does the heavy upgrade with gbr = no one , 17pdr is great vs armor why should i , change it 2 crocodile version (with flamer) .

Because if you have a TD-upgraded gun yard, Churchill is vastly more useful than firefly. That said, it is harder to for it to get used than the jumbo, since the firefly is so good.