Turn 'n' burn (some issues with the turning gadget/widget)

The Scott and the pack howitzers are not following turn orders.

Turn doesn’t cancel another order that’s in progress. If you order a vehicle to move to a waypoint and issue a turn order before the waypoint is reached then the vehicle just keeps moving instead of stopping and turning.

Likewise, turn cannot be added to a queue.

Finally, the left panel shows multiple turn buttons if several different units with turn are in the current selection. For example, if you select a Stuart, a Greyhound and a halftrack then the left panel would display three turn buttons. All three units in the preceding example would follow a turn order regardless of which of the three turn buttons you used to issue the order.

I was testing svn rev 2091.

This still occurs in latest SVN (and now affects GBRParaM8Gun, British Airborne packhow)

Packhow script lacks the proper #include for turning. Probably same for airborne packhow. Needs fixing (my Scriptor isn’t set with proper linear constant, so I will bork anims if I attempt to recompile it myself).

I don’t see anything wrong in M8 Scott script. Are you sure it’s not turning?

No I’m not sure. :slight_smile: Just noticed it with packhows.