Trolling the interwebs.

More of my adventures of trolling the interwebs, namely Omegle and ChatRoulette (for those that don’t know, both are video chat sites that connect you to random strangers with no names or anything other than your face).

This time using the ol’ “baby bird and python” trick to bait tits and funny reactions.

The chicks:

the guys:

And you call me a creep.

lol there are alot of such videos on YouTube. Snake eats chicken, Snake eats human, lizard eats chicken… etc.

The Video shown there is also on YouTube. Snakes rule :smiley: Python @ Boa :slight_smile:

By the way the chicken died fast… so who cares xD

But its a shock to me that so many girls are on those sites?
Mostly it looks like the young girls doing what who ever is writing rather than the older.

Well… thats how the Internet changed the world. ^^

more interesting is how you showed them the video instead of the camera