Hello there , just have an idea:

Maybe add trenches for soldier to hide from MG fire or arty shells , I know 2 way of doing that:

1st is simply take terraform from CA and allow engineers/commisars create trenches. But troops have to be micro’Ed to get inside , and if they get supressed they lay and cant shoot… ( :no4: |||)

2nd idea is make “trench” actually an immobile untargetable invisible trasnport wwhich can only load infantry , while infantry can fire from it.

And thank you again for your nice mod :slight_smile:

its a game…

Yes , your correct,
but instead of catching people on words its always better to tell your opinion.

What you suggest as 2nd idea is exactly what my ‘bunker’ unit is doing in svn version (only the bunker is not invisible). Too bad there are a few problems with it currently. When it’s ready, it will allow infantry to enter buildings and shoot from there. Good-loking trenches are a problem though.

Hmm , so your idea is like bunker , but infantry inside dont take damage and dies when bunker dies? Or spring supports units which are being trasnported take damage from weapons?

Infantry inside DO take damage. I’ll have to add some protection for them, currently they just take 100% damage like everyone else.

Yeah , its good :slight_smile:

So , is bunker in SVN?
Jut i cant find it in buildlists (even in GM-tool),
can you help me telling its name :confused:

Just another idea , maybe barbed wire? :smiley:
Kind of protection to prevent enemy infantry rush to the bunker and grenade it (well make some infantry able to remove theese wires)
I think anti-tank obstale may do this aswell , if use as walls.

Bunker is not in any buildlist. Try this (with current svn version):/cheat /give 1 bunker-pak40
This should spawn a bunker (there will be no PaK-40 inside, it’s just it was originally intended for that gun).

how effective will it be with Antitank units inside the bunker? and how many can go in?

Currently 5 inf can go in (of any type). They just don’t get any bonus from being in, they should have improved protection, but I haven’t completed that part yet.

great man… keep working :smiley:

i would say that they are protected until the building is destroyed and maybe a sniper could take out the soldiers inside the bunker…? because it isnt useful if you have antitank inf in it and then and tank shoot at it. and all soldiers die.

There may be a very difficult but perhaps awesome way to do “proper” trenches. My idea is somewhat abstract and based on 0% knowledge of lua/scripting capabilities. However there are many aspects of the idea which have already been shown through other means.

The idea is to have a generic trench structure. This would probably take the form of a slightly zig-zagging standard infantry trench large enough for say 10 infantry.

Along the width of the trench would be a bunch of “firing points” evenly spread throughout the trench. In all the basics is not unlike any other bunker-type deal where individual infantry stand in these fire points when “loaded”. However, ideally there would be perhaps 20 different firing points throughout the 10-man trench, and infantry in the trench would be able to move to different firing points depending on where their targets are and which points are already occupied, in a fashion somewhat similar to the way in which our old airfield held parked planes. Essentially, when the infantry in a trench engage they will move to an empty firing point as close as possible to the enemy.

The end result, I hope, would be a trench where infantry are not simply standing static in the same position forever firing off shots but rather the trench would become something of a fluid little scene with infantry rushing back and forth to different firing positions in each engagement, giving it a much more “organic” and realistic feel.

Zveroboy, take a look at the bunker-pak40 unit in svn. It’s nearly the same (only not looking like a trench and not moving inf between firepoints). A trench like you described should be quite easy to do.

Yes, thats pretty much it exactly yuri, except infantry would be able to move around to different pre-set positions.

A way to make this work with multiple trenches, bunkers etc at once (ie you build a couple of connected trench systems with a bunker in there somewhere) would just be too ace, but probably too hard as well (though maybe not?)

You could allow lua-based movement from trench to trench.

I was thinking you could make a flag upgrade that adds cover to all the flag capture area…

So that you can have troops inside it hold on longer until reinforcements arrive.