Trees on the S44 Maps

Well a while ago i talked to Spike about this but i think he didnt noticed what i really mean ^^

Watch this pic and i hope you notice the differences between the shadows by the trees:

A friend wrote a feedback i german but iam not able to translate all that so i decide to pick the important things out it and paste it here.
I played around with my settings in spring after this but nothing change this so i hope you guys can maybe fix this :S

This is a Spring engine bug; somewhere in 2007 I added the feature that shadows of features respect transparency but sometime between then and the current Spring release someone else broke this :angry:
Hopefully someone fixes it before next Spring release…

mhmm i think the old trees are very cool why did you guys changed them anyway?

Many people on the Spring forum are of the opinion the built-in trees are ugly. Personally I agree with you tho, while the built-in trees maybe aren’t the best possible trees I think they usually look better then the custom trees.

(In particular when these very dark custom trees are used on otherwise light maps without adjusting their texture - then it just doesn’t match, in my opinion.)

In an RTS from play distance the standard trees are incomparable. However, Spring spoils people, and they’re always spoiling for better graphics due to our inferior model and map formats.