Training Option

I was wondering. Are there any plans to eventually have a training mode/option for practising different tactics and set pieces like ambushes etc. without having to build barracks and/or vehicle yards? So before the game begins you would specify the exact unit type, quantity, faction and initial start position both for player and bot (CRAIG). Then on game start your units would already be in theatre, ready for the training exercise.

You can set up a training encounter using cheat mode.

Start a game (with 1 player). Press Enter (a command prompt appears). Type the following commands:

/give 1 rust60

See what happens.

You can spawn more than 1 unit by using /give <unit_name> <player_number>.
Player number is 0 for the first player (game host), 1 for the next, etc. By /giving units to player 1 you make them enemies.
Use /player <player_number> to take control of the team (so you can order those units around). Don’t forget to spawn some ammo providers or the enemy won’t fire heavy weapons.

Have fun.

Thank you Yuritch! That’s exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile:

There’s only one minor thing I can’t figure out and that’s how to change team (/player <player_number> would not work for me). After starting a single player game with a bot (team 0) and typing ‘/cheat’ I created two teams with one tiger each ‘/give gertiger 1’ (me, team 1) and ‘/give gertiger 2’ (team 2) almost right beside each other as a test. I then tried to change to team 2 by typing ‘/team 2’ but at the top of the screen it said that what I’d tried to do was illegal. I then typed ‘/ally 2 1’ and ‘/team 2’ straight after it but it still said that what I’d tried to do was illegal. I looked on the springrts web site for some clues but with no luck. In Springlobby → singleplayer → options → other: ‘Fixed ingame alliances’ is also unchecked. Any ideas?

Yes it is /team not /player

Team 2 would be GAIA (it is always given the next unused team ID), which you are not allowed to control. You should be able to switch between team 0 and team 1.

You’ve given me an idea, thanks FLOZi, your a gent.

And it worked. :slight_smile:

With just me and one bot in the game when I tried to change to team 0 (the bot) from team 1 it ended the game saying that I won.
So what I did was to start a new singleplayer game with me and two bots (team 0 and team 1) instead of just the one, me being team 2. I can now switch between team 1 + 2 without it ending the game.

Thanks again guys.

Right, time for somemore testing…