To-do for pre-release S44 0.3-4-5-6-7-8?

Supply ring visuals:
Reduced alpha somewhat, large stipple, whole kit slowly rotating. please. with a side of fries. - DONE!
Build visuals! - DONE!
Flag visuals! - DONE! With a modoption to boot :smiley:
Messing with yuri’s boat.
Buildpic for sturmboot - DONE!
Widget to show firing arc/clear firing LoS for deploying units before they deploy.
Minimum range gadget for arty. or at least rocket arty.
[size=10]A custom GUI << >> <_<[/size]
Lots of test games!

Mandatory for release:
Finish lua fear implementation. - DONE! ragrhghg I AM TEXT MONKEY RAAAA
Resize partisan.- done! oh man, this was the most difficult project by far :frowning:
Fix PTRD pose
Fix Bren pose

Look at balance implications of MGs being as they are (particularly BAR, which may be OP now).

Make sure gameplay is fun, smooth, and balanced (in that order) for all sides, to the best of my ability.
Special attention to the new inf supply stuff, and logistics in general. Also, need to conduct test games of widely different sizes so we catch things that our frequent 1v1 testing might miss.

Not mandatory for release, but would be really super duper awesome:
A newbie trainer using chicken AI as a base. Talk them through the basic mechanics and operations, spawn things for them to play with/fight.
A scenario (got one basically done, go for two?)

Not mandatory for release, and fairly unimportant or painful:
Maybe mortar scripts. GRHGHH.
Maybe death anims. GRGHGH.

More to-do for me. If anyone has other stuff, feel free to chime in (yay, give me more work!).

Script stuff:

  • Flamer poses. done. rev 709
  • Mortar scripts (kill me now…)
  • Engineer scripts - yay done. committed rev 708


  • Old style of minefields with a better implementation (one unit click = large number of mines). - done! commited in rev 710. beware playing against flozi…
    –This would probably be better if the units didn’t count towards unitcount somehow, but I’m not sure how to do that short of giving them to GAIA, which doesn’t seem like a great call (mines attack everyone). But maybe that’s worth doing if I make them cheaper.

  • Let scouts/commandos see how much ordinance/logistics the enemy has if you get them near the enemy HQ/depots.


  • Trucks squishing infantry on deploy.
  • Fixed game_ammo.lua so units with MGs can still fire when out of shell ammo.


  • Figure out a good increase for AoE and HE damage, and then apply it.-Done. 1.25x for AoE, 2x for HE.

  • Speed up the pace of the game. - added a modoption that halves the resupply period while doubling infantry usage and 2.25x ammo consumption for vehicles/guns.


  • Tutorial replays at the very least, proper interactive tutorial if time allows.
  • New loadscreens (would be great if someone with better design sense could do this).


  • New explosions. Probably done for now.


  • Custom resource bars: Command and Logistics. Basics are done.
  • Field of fire widget: Done.
  • Investigate feature hit volume resizing: Done.


  • Fix pintle gun directions?


  • Investigate slaving weapons for doing tracers.

E4Z: I posted in the #s44 topic tank death CEGs under your to-do, if you think you’d be up for more fighting with CEGs.

Тhe panther script (GERPanther) has a function in it that detonates CEGs from all of its emit points (all of the german vehicles are rigged with these FX emit points - front, back, left track, right track, hatch door, engine, some have magazine as well) for testing. Just uncomment it in Create() and set the explosion interval to whatever. Somewhere I’ve got code (or it’d be trivial to write) for a unit randomly picking CEGs from its list and pairing them with emit points in various numbers and combinations, which would mean a large number of “unique” tank/vehicle deaths depending on the number of CEGs and such. In a few words, mega awesome eyecandy potential.

Spiked/flozi/yuri: I don’t actually know of good references for vehicle death CEGs - if you have some quickly, mind posting them here (assuming E4Z is up for tackling this project)?

I’ll definitely put it on my to-do list, although I can’t promise anything soon. I’m assuming you’re looking for various sparks/flame/smoke spewing out from various parts of the vehicle?

Fine, I’ll post it in nice point form. Note that I won’t be doing all of these (lucky if I do any! :stuck_out_tongue:), but they need to be done, preferably for next release.


  • Tweak icon draw distances for maximum functionality/visual appeal.
  • Make airplane propellers (lua gfx) always visible again.

Model Art

  • Replace infantry models on American towed weapons and completely remove all traces of old models/textures.
  • Replace infantry models and textures for Britain, Germany, and Soviet Union.
  • UVMap remaining light aircraft: Tempest, Typhoon, Po-2, Il-2, La-5F, L-4, P-38, P-47
  • UVMap and texture remaining light anti-aircraft weapons (British and American Bofors)


  • Lua aircraft call-in function (Flozeeeeeeh!)
  • Cool aircraft destructions (wings ripping off and being engulfed in flames, etc)
  • Visual representation of Logistics level on supply stockpile models (addition/removal of pieces based on supply, a la C&C Tiberium Silos)


  • Balance aircraft performance and armaments (including effectiveness of anti-aircraft).
  • Simplistic unit guide for forums (where’s wiki?!)