Time for a reverse bug report

I’ve been reporting bugs for quite some time so I feel it’s fair that I do at least one reverse bug report, i.e., instead of bringing the attention to what’s bad I’ll bring the attention to what’s good. First a little history.

I’ve been playing RTS games for a while, a long while, a long, long while. Heck, I even played Herzog Zwei which predates Dune II by quite bit.

It used to be that RTS was one of my favorite pc game genres (the other being military flight simulators) but nowadays, after having played I-don’t-remember-how-many different RTS games, I find the genre kinda bland.

I’m tired of games that offer little else besides eye candy. I’m tired of games in which the main “features” are some gimmicky, marginally useful units and/or abilities. I’m tired of games which claim to have “new, never before seen” features which are only new to the franchise but have been previously used in some other not-so-popular game. I’m tired of games which just coast on the fame of the developing company.

I want to play something new. I want to play games that “break the mold” a little bit. I want to play games that are more about strategy and less about APM, build orders and knowing the keyboard shortcuts. I want to play games where at least some of Sun Tzu’s teachings can be applied. I want to play games in which I’m in command of powerful military hardware as opposed to toy units.

Enter Spring: 1944. S:44 is by far the most interesting, enjoyable, entertaining, fun and revolutionary RTS game I’ve ever played. My most heartfelt thanks to anyone and everyone who’s had a hand in developing this masterpiece. :smiley:

Wooo! Thanks tot, both for the kind words and the endless number of bugs you’ve reported over the months.

Thanks, it’s nice to know the work I took part in is THAT good :slight_smile:

S44 is the reason i started playing Spring games. Since then I haven’t even considered buying another RTS game.
I start to wonder if the level of unit control in other largescale physicsbased RTS will surpass the Spring in even a long time.
When the next spring engine will be released, S44 gameplay will be improved by a huge margin.
The S44 crew has improved the game alot and yet still more features and units are coming.

We still have the best part ahead of us. :smiley: