Time for a new test build?

I think it’s time to release a new testing build based on current svn. There was at least 1 important fix (starting command) and quite a few smaller ones, plus some completely new systems (new AP system, feature cover), plus some new unit sounds, not to mention boats are now more test-able (they don’t fire at flags anymore), that is enough for a new build.
So, any thoughts on that? I can try my hand at build making, hopefully the file won’t get larger than 5 megs or so (new sounds aren’t very small).

I totally agree, and I can set it up tonight (~7 hours from now). If you’d like to do it sooner than that, go for it.

If you want to wait, I can finish up the commit I’ve been slowly working on (feature cover tags + corpse hitshapes + weapon feature targetting tags) and apply that before I make the build this evening.

I can wait, no problem there.

AP system is only partly implemented so far; revert M4A2 and Tiger units/weapons before building or strange things will happen with them.

Is the text-side implementation all that’s lacking? I can do that, if so.

Should be. There’s quite a lot of data to analyze though. (Not to mention balance >_>)

Maybe we should somehow put the health and DPS of tanks/vehicles in old and new system next to each other, so we can look what may need attention with regards to balance. (Assuming speed, turn rate, etc., will remain the same.)

Armor parser for tarrif.net pages:


Basically go to tarrif.net, download all the vehicle pages you want parsed as plain .txt files, then run this on that directory to get a .csv. You may also try playing around with the averaging formula and weights. I may look into stat dumping in a while.

I’ve a Lua widget here that can dump all UnitDefs / WeaponDefs to (Postgres) SQL insert statements.

Think I didn’t do damages yet tho, cause I ran out of time and couldn’t decide on either a normalized epically big damages table, or just a (bad) table structure with columns damage1…damageN, for N different damage types.

But if someone thinks he has some use for it I could finish it (and/or change to mysql syntax)…

Neat, although I’m not sure whether that or pytdf is easier.

On the armor front, the parser seems to work fairly well. At this point I could probably just write the calculated armor values to the unit files directly via pytdf (once we decide on a formula anyway), although we might want to check the values manually as well. Also not every unit we have is on tarrif.

For modifications your pytdf thing is definitely easier.

For, lets say, a dynamic website with stats of multiple mods it may be practical to have the data in a SQL database, but even then I suppose you could also just generate it once as static HTML files. It might get interesting if it can be linked to dynamic data collected during games. (e.g. dynamic data as Licho is collecting in that ModStat thing.)

Ah, that makes sense.

Writing them in automatically sounds brilliant, however, don’t forget to calculate the actual armor thickness (taking slope into account).

panzerworld.net/armourcalculator is the calculator we used the last time we did this process.

Looks like spring is released. Maybe a new full installer should be made (still with 1.06)? New version syncs with the old, but it does fix some bugs and adds a better vista compatibility, so might be worth a new installer.