this is dumb, but i need help

i download the game from and i am having trouble installing. anyone have any suggestions?

i just downloaded the spring engine but i have no clue what im doing. hmmmmmmm

Well first, you need to download and install the Spring engine via the installer.

I believe, last time I heard, the mod was included in the installer and you had to activate it during installation (if you didn’t, you can re-install and do it). Look for “mods” somewhere in the installer, when selecting which bits to install.

If you downloaded something else, stick it in the Spring/mods/ folder. It should be an .sdz

thanks so much. i downloaded the spring engine after i download the 1944 files, i will redownload and see where it gets me.

I just looked at the file on G4G - the problem is not your fault. Whoever repackaged S44 to put on that site was silly and unzipped it, so its S44LiteRelease (no .sdd) inside a zipped folder with some text things telling you where it came from. That setup will not work for spring, zipped or unzipped.

To make it work: unzip the folder, then take the S44LiteRelease folder and rename to S44LiteRelease.sdd, then put it in the mods folder of the spring engine folder.

I know its a bit complex; we didn’t upload that build and whoever did it was a bit dumb. Hopefully the ~130 people who have grabbed it from there aren’t forever turned off by the uploader’s idiocy :frowning: