This game will have japanese and finnish soldiers ?

have many countries who made part from the war … people have already trhinked in add this army too :confused:

Well, there was a project to add Finns in at some point, but no sooner than the main sides are done. Of course, anyone is free to make an addon with more factions. Japanese would be the first, with Italians being second. Finns would be rather low on that list - their army wasn’t that big and they used a lot of foreign equipment.

Like Yuri said anyone is free to develop whatever sides they want (or any other modifications). Of course in the end its up to our discretion whether any content is put in the game, but its easy enough to make a mod extension of your own and release it publically. Infact it’d be great if that happened.

Japan would be a terrible edition. Their tanks would not compete with all of the current nations. All of their tanks are light tanks.

Japanese had medium tanks, too. And tank destroyers (Marder/SU-76 style). Plus low quality usually comes in greater quantity :slight_smile:
That doesn’t mean anybody is working on them though.

Still, no Japanese tank would be able to hold a candle to the Panther, Tiger, Konigstiger, IS-2 or ISU-152 etc. Just look at how the Red Army decimated the Japanese in 1945. :wink:

Could have a mod called Spring: Manchuria which is set with the Chinese and Japanese at war.

That would be retarded. The Spring engine is not suitable for primarily infantry stuff. It just wouldn’t work properly. We’d need an engine like CoH.

hummmm just think “be creative” spring have many bugs specialy moves soldiers in S44 :slight_smile: but if you
see in source code you may easily do some modification “spring 1944 source” . When i told for put more nations may be good for we have more fun :slight_smile: . but graphs and low details doesn’t help much make this game famous , a example is mode TA … high definition from units threads didn’t fail like S44 when you need move a mass soldiers many run stoped :frowning: .
This game may be very good for play need only a alpha for enter in wall star :stuck_out_tongue: .

well you should remake the soldiers… they look like lego and they shouldn’t get stucked so easy…

:open_mouth: nice idea … but do you have modelsfrom japanese and finnish army ? :smiley:

It’s on the long term plan. We don’t have anyone who’s good with infantry models atm (is that your work? :mrgreen: )

It’s further complicated as Spring doesn’t support skeletal animation.

no it isn’t my work… but i got some skills at modeling i cna help. but i don’t have a 3D model desinger :cry:

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If you don’t have a 3d model program how do you know you’re good at making models?

…i used one, but then i installed windows vista and lost my 3D desinger (3D max with V-Ray addon)
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