THis forum is dead!

THis forum is dead!

Hmm… So what? Haven’t you seen a dead forum before? :wink:
It will come back to life again, sooner or later.


Well considering that we’re still working on the game, the liveliness of the forum isn’t a big deal.

I might as well think it is important. Peeps may believe that the project is dead…

Well they would be wrong. I’m not going to post junk just so people don’t look at the forum and assume the project is dead. The timestamps on our latest moddb and website newsposts should prove that we’re very much still alive.

Frankly we have too much work to do to dedicate any time to making sure that the world is stimulated by constant, un-ending eyecandy.

Content creation is winding down. Work is beginning to shift towards gameplay balancing and implimentation of scripting and lua. We can’t exactly take a screenshot of faster turret rotation speeds, or a .bos or .lua file.