The SU-100s are targeting infantry

The SU-100s are targeting infantry (not the platoon placeholders but rather actual-fully-cloned-running-around-the-battlefield-and-shooting-at-your-stuff infantry). As usual, they charge in trying to get a firing solution and get pwned up close by 'nades.

I noticed this while using rev 1134.

They will do it if told to attack infantry or given a fight command with them in range. Do other tank destroyers act the same way? The onlytargetcategory tag on the SU-100 is the same as others.

edit: it was missing the nochasecategory. That fixes it for fight command (but not if you actually click to attack on an infantry) in rev 1139.

I didn’t give them any explicit orders (not attack nor fight nor patrol). I just parked some among my other vehicles to provide anti-tank support and they just charged in whenever infantry got too close.

I could see the red line leading from the SU-100 to the targeted infantry and the attack icon over said infantry if I selected the SU-100 and held down shift.

What’s curious is that it only happens in maneuver and roam. If I put them in hold position and manually point them towards incoming enemies then the SU-100s behave as expected (they ignore infantry and only target vehicles).

Also, just to be sure, I ran a test and /give myself all the tank destroyers (Marder, Jagdpanzer, Wolverine, Achilles and SU-100) and I noticed some strange behavior from all of them. They were targeting structures (supply stockpiles, barracks, the HQ) and even unfinished structures and then they would charge in trying to get a firing solution. I had to get them quite bit closer than their max range for this to happen. Once again, I only issued move orders, no attack, fight or patrol. Hitting the stop button would halt them for a split second and then they would go after some other invalid target. Like the case above with the SU-100s and the infantry, hold position prevents all this weird behavior.

I’m quite sure I haven’t seen this happening before, but then again I don’t tend to put tank destroyers so close to the enemy base, not even when testing.

It might be worthwhile doublechecking the nochasecategory for the rest of the tank destroyers to make sure they aren’t chasing after more invalid targets (like structures), just in case.

I actually don’t think it is possible to solve this without changing at least one category, since a) we have no infantry category (so we can’t say nochasecategory=INF BUILDING FLAG AIR;) and b) we have no NOTTANK category (don’t do this).

INFTARG is not that far from INF - at least considering this situation Armour Piercing rounds should not be fired at any INFTARG.

Perhaps we should write a gadget that does not allow attack commands on a unit which is excluded by the attackers onlytargetcategories?

All trucks, halftracks, engineering vehicles, as well as a few others (Greyhound, DUKW, Kangaroo, Marder), are both TANK and INFTARG.