The Russian SU-76 gun elevation/depression traverse too low

It makes them a pain to use in anything but perfectly flat terrain. If you start in the north-west corner in Caucasus Skirmish with the Russians, you won’t be able depend on them inside the whole rough ground area surrounding your base. They just won’t fire, or worse, they’ll charge right up to the enemy’s nose trying to get a firing solution (and get 'naded to death).

Their guns need a little more vertical traverse, imho, either that or russian engineers need to learn to flatten terrain for the SU-76s to operate in.

Also, my little bro half-jokingly mentioned that maybe assault guns, turretless tanks and turretless tank destroyers could morph into a version of themselves which is basically the same except that it has zero movement speed so that they stay put and just turn in place. Could this work?