The final countdown...dun dun (Pre Morgenrote feedback)

Go! Especially interested to hear about how the fear changes have affected things.

  1. Ordering a group of engineers to build mines on one spot results in unintuitive behavior (they build 5 signs on top of each other). Would make more sense to have them just build nearby if they want a denser field.

  2. bounce grenades lead to a lot of fratricide

  3. kangaroos should give morale boost (‘fear shield’)?

  4. could use a widget to show the ‘morale boost’ radius (just a circle around certain units)

r3544 glider success rate:

Which map is that? Thanks.

Aberdeen, I think the 3v3v3 version.

Doesn’t actually play well with s44 due to water depth issues

I think it’s this: … enrote.sdz

Congrats on getting the forum working again.

0.85 may have broken pathing and such with regard to factories. See my replay posted here for examples: infantry stuck in HQ (they also get stuck in BAX randomly, though not this game), also tanks flying out of a vehicle yard.

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but: if you order a ready air sortie and get the message ‘sortie unavailable’ (ie too many planes are already in the air), your stored ready sortie is wasted.
Also another strange thing: I had 3 ready interceptor sorties, I clicked on the map once and somehow I now have no ready sorties left, as if all 3 were ordered at once.

Sounds unpleasant, but i can’t replicate the latter at least.

Also ‘Sortie not available’ is sent only when you try and order a sortie onto the map which isn’t stockpiled, i.e. 2 ready, you shift click 3 times.

Got a replay of these issues? Could it have been network lag?

Pretty sure multiple sorties being ordered with one click is related to number of units selected when you order the sortie. I think we’ve run into it before.

It was that crazy game vs JAL, on an already command-heavy map with command multiplier set to high. The sky was full of planes. JAL uploaded the replay here.

Now that I think of it, maybe the sorties did arrive after ‘sortie not available’ message. I had 2 radars selected when ordering them, that’s where the message must have originated.

Mmmm, if it’s an issue with having multiple radars selected, I’m not sure how easy it will be to fix.

As an aside, I’ve encountered people thinking that only having an aircraft radar will give you those “Incoming enemy aircraft spotted” notices. We should either remove “early warning/detection” from the radar descriptions, or tie that message to the presence of a radar on the team. Maybe without it, you get warned only when the aircraft enter the map, with it you get warned as soon as the button is pushed (and with precise timing)? Maybe increase the delay on non-interceptor aircraft as well, so the difference between having and not having a radar is quite large in terms of notification time.

Yeah I spotted that too. I’d prefer the latter probably? Although I dunno about messing with ETA times.

Can’t think of any way to solve multiple-radars-selected apart form giving them per-radar sortie stockpiles which I imagine is not desired.

Morgenrote FOUR AND SOME!

Infantry corpses block mg, HE and AP fire in the Line of Fire calculation.

Other nonblocking features such as bushes and trees on 1944_Village_Crossing_v2 also block mg, HE and AP in the Line of Fire calculation.

When the Line of Fire calculation is done it doesn’t use the custom collision volumes of features correctly. This should be reported to mantis but I haven’t done it yet because… em… it’s complex.
This furthers increase the issues of getting tanks and mgs to fire when there is features around as a tree with really small long collision volume might block a Line of Fire in a much larger space than the cylinder for example.

Game freezed for all 4 players.

Appears to be an issue with a weapon or sound

Is it good that cheap basic tanks can rush heavys or adv. mediums without loss (for nearly same cost) , without loss ?
It is more like TA now, swarm enemy monster tank with peewee.

Hi , i tried to get a new pack sound from the youtube video that yuri found (maybe he did that too).