The Artist's Dump

Figured an off-topic thread for people to post non-S44 related art; models, drawings, graphics, web comics, whatever!

I got 3DS Max (9) yesterday and I’ve been trying to learn it, experimenting and watching tutorials and whatnot, and decided to attempt to model a Lasgun.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another one of those “Sigh, he’s starting another project that’ll last a week or two.” I was just looking for somewhat simple object to model, and thought of this.

Great model :smiley:

My MP5/10 model with Laser and all stuff, originally made for BF2. After the mod team stopped working on the BF2 mod I stopped on the weapon.

Sometime ago I made this knife which is hanging in my room.
I used simple marterials and a chrome effect.
I made the scene with low graphics (cuz i had a OEM GeForce 8400GS at least at the time)

Hope you like it =)