The 4 word game

I noticed that the forums are abit dead now, so I like to brighten it up.I have seen this game on other forums (namely the Paint.NET forums) and it stretches for more than 200 pages.

Ok this is how you play.
A person says something like (must be using 4 words): I have a tank
The other person may say something like this : Whch can be destroyed
And the other person may say : By russian partisons using
And so on.

Just to make it clearer, I made an example:
panzeriv2: i got a tank
bobthedinosaur: which is made from
Zveroboy: Aluminium cans and paper
panzeriv2: which could destroy paper!

As always the rules are:

  1. No spamming
  2. No violent or adult content
  3. You can only post after somebdy (or something :question: ) made a reply.

PS: If this is not interesting, please delete this topic. People don’t like dead topics.

Can I have the honour to post first?
Ok, here we go:

A tank that is…

painted pink will be

interesting to see in…

No violent or adult content = no fun XD well i know this too but with 3 words

:arrow_right: a german hangar being :unamused:

Oh really? I thought it is 4! If it is 4, it dosen’t matter much just to maintain originality :slight_smile:
I don’t want adult content or stuff that is a bit too violent like : Blew up his body…
Stuff like: his house blew up…are acceptable.

attacked by crazy ivans…

[end sentance]. Mecha-Stalin tripped and fell

into a pile of

other Mecha-Stalins and a…

giant Tu-90 Supermothra strategic…

bomber flew and crashed…
(into the mecha-stalins…)

Mecha-Stalin tripped and fell into a pile of other Mecha-Stalins and a giant Tu-90 Supermothra strategic bomber flew and crashed into U-Boat Haxor pen

. Then Genghis Khan said,

OMGWTFBBQ I haz hotdog

whith cheez off coarse :smiley: