Testing build: 1.71d (updated)

I’ve made yet another testing build that fixes bugs found in 1.71 and adds some new models. It corresponds to git revision cb22fdb.

Link: file on Google Drive

Changes include fixing bugs from 1.7 (snipers now work, inf guns don’t get stuck, units flying after morph cancel and more), unit unstucker gadget, new models for some boats and new unit for the USSR: Valentine (lend-leased) tank which replaces T-70 in upgraded vehicle yard (but not in tank yard)

Also here’s the AdditionalSides (2bdd922) build based on 1.71:

mutator archive

It needs 1.71 to work and adds 2 more playable sides: Italy and Japan. Beware, their armor is sub-standard compared to 4 main factions, but they still can fight.

Edit: post updated with a new build.
Edit2: updated again

time to find some time and play your build. -.-

This is currently obsolete. Better get a git client and use that to pull fresh builds as changes are made nearly every day.

Thanks for the advice. I try to setup a new linux distro and then I will get the newest client.