Test versions

Why don’t you all release the test versions here? People are excited and don’t know when the new version will be release. I know the risks of having destroying Spring, but you destroy the problem by posting : TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I would like to be a tester too, but I don’t have the time to be 1.

Most people will download a ‘test version’, find something broken, say “what the hell, this doesn’t work” or “what the hell, unit X isn’t in the game” and not try it again. Even with a “beta” or “work in progess” tag, people expect a finished product. Thus, we’re not releasing stuff until we’ve got a more finished product.

Further, if we release a test build that crashes, S44 becomes known as the “crashy game” and then those people are unlikely to try it again later on.

OH ok now I see. Could you send the test version to people who PM?

That rather depends on why you want it. If you just want to look at things and say “weee new toys”, then no.

piv i think has been around long enough that he deserves it. :stuck_out_tongue: