Test release thread.

It’s here! It’s finally here!

[size=150]Click Here to Download Spring: 1944 “Operation Koltso”![/size]

Spring: 1944 has been unleashed upon the world! After much anticipation (from us as much as our fans), months of hard work and countless late nights playing Battlefield 2 and Team Fortress 2, we feel confident that we’re ready to release something fun and worthwhile. This comes roughly a year after our initial public release of Spring: 1944 v0.21 through which we learned quite a lot (including how not to release a game publically before it’s ready!) Many changes have been made which have made Spring: 1944 a lot different than it used to be, so be sure to check out the Official Spring: 1944 Play Guide.

This version of Spring: 1944 is still a “beta” – while we’ve put a lot of work into it, we still have lots more to do, so don’t expect a finished product. In the future, we plan on including many more units and features, such as naval and air units, different game modes, and a suite of custom Spring: 1944-specific maps. For this release, however, you’ll have to make do with “only” about 200 different units, ranging from infantryman to vehicles to tanks and artillery. For a more detailed look at what units are included in this release, again, check out our Play Guide.

As Spring: 1944 is still in its beta development stages, we’re always interested in hearing what sort of constructive feedback and especially bug reporting any of you players have to say. That’s half the reason we decided to release our beta publically (the other half being because some people just couldn’t stand waiting anymore, you know who you are!). A note about our naming convention: Rather than use bland numerical designations for different versions of the game, we’ve adopted the practice of using the names of Operations carried out in WW2, in alphabetical order. Internally, we have had builds such as Dragoon, Ferdinand, Goodwood, and Jaywick. This version is named after Operation Koltso, the Soviet offensive to destroy the remaining German forces trapped in the city of Stalingrad after its encirclement by the Red Army in 1942-1943.

What files are included in this release?:

There are several files included with this release. The first is the base game file, S44Koltso_v09.sdz. The second are a collection of 4 newly redesigned maps specially made for Spring: 1944. You can also find a list of recommended Total Annihilation-style maps on our forums and website which can point you towards other maps which “play well” with Spring: 1944.

In the next day or two we will be releasing a full installer package containing the Spring engine files, Spring: 1944 files, and SpringLobby, for release to those outside of the Spring/Total Annihilation Community. For the time being, those who are already familiar with playing games and mods on the Spring engine will have access to this game base file. However, if you’ve stumbled upon this post from outside of the Spring community and can’t handle waiting a day or two, you can try to swim the quagmire of the Spring installation and dodge rabbid Total Annihilation fanboys at The Spring RTS website. Here you will have each of your senses assaulted by things like “Speedmetal”, “Balanced Annihilation” and a host of other assorted nonsense that you needn’t pay any mind. Just download and install the base Spring engine files (including SpringLobby) as well as the Spring: 1944 game file and you’ll be good to go. Though be sure to check our website – by the time you read this we may have released the full installer already, saving you countless minutes of agony.


-Save S44Koltso_v09.sdz to your Spring\mods\ folder (if you have Spring’s auto-archive, simply double-click the file and it will be placed in the appropriate folder)

Note: Some browsers and OS’ have trouble saving files with extensions .sdz and .sd7. You may need to rename your files with these extensions (.sdz for mod/game files, .sd7 for map files) in order for them to work properly.

Thanks for your support over the past few months. We look forward to hearing from and seeing you in the community over the coming months as we continue progress on Spring: 1944. As always, feel free to drop us a line on our website, or visit our multiplayer channel at #S44 from SpringLobby/TASClient!

Best wishes,

The Spring: 1944 Team

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