[TEST] German Defensive structure « Regelbau 630 »

I still try to make a bunker… :smiley:

texture still boring me…

A bit too dark maybe, but other than that i kinda like it. :slight_smile:

i’m agree it’s too dark, this one is better

texture has been made only with gimp, I don’t use picture. I like the cracked effect

Any suggestion is welcome

You might like to include some darkening/browning near the base of the structure, as that region should have seasonal contact with mud, standing water, etcetera. Otherwise, I like it.

I’m a bit concerned about the geometry of the protruding section, looks terribly non-planar.

well, i crushed my texture :frowning: with dumb files operations… I started a new one, isn’t totaly the same but not too bad…

do you speak about that ?

if yes, I watch a lot of pictures, and I decided to do that intentionally it’s more « heavy ». Do you prefer something like on this picture :

not hard to modify

I don’t know If i will add a tobruk hole (like on a real R 630) or a small bell for observation (I don’t know the name in english) :

Yes that bit. It looks like the top quad ‘twists’ so that all 4 vertices do not lie in the same plane.

I’v made some modification on the mesh, is that better ?

(comparaison can be made with the first post)

that looks much better :slight_smile:

thx, I improved the texture :

I made a camo version just for fun
I don’t know if I can add something on the roof.

any suggestion is welcomed :slight_smile:

« Regelbau 630 (Defensive structure) »

:smiley: it’s time to do some tests…
armament :

  • ATGun : Pak 40
  • MG : MG34
  • be careful, this is a AT Bunker, MG34 protects only a 40° angle. You should add MG42 nests.

make a backup of these files before :

and get : yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=555924

  • copy in the right folder, and use GM toolbox to try it. This version is the first playable I had hard time with 3d exportation and lua. I suggest to use easy facing : springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.ph … 9&p=368091

  • I don’t know what kind of weapons had this bunker. I have seen MG at the place of AT weapon on some picture, but it’s written AT gun on the blueprint that I used. I Will maybe change the AT gun for MG 42, and make another one with AT-gun…

please give me feedback even if my work is a piece of shit

N.B. : I hope my english is understandable

Did anybody test that stuff?

The link is down. :frowning:

I thought FLOZi was going to. I’ll check.