Test-2807 bug with water transport unloading

  1. Units unloading from water transport is working wrong, sometimes infantry could be unloaded underwater, tanks didnt unload if u set the point on earth and unload if the point is in water.
  2. S:44 test-2807, Engine version: 0.81.2 map - Small Supreme Islands V2, Nation - Germany

Yes, I noticed that too. May be the solution would be to make transport boats able to load and unload deeper in lands.

Maybe similar to my post?


Spring handling of transports is dreadful. I’ll look into the matter as best as I can.

How do the landing crafts compare with Pontoons / dinghys?

Which of the two is responsible for the crashes?

Currently, LCT is nice.
But when the landing coast is too sloped it sometime loads underwater. And if the unload area has a part which is outside its unloadradius then it will not unload (in fact sometime it will, sometime it will not).

The pontoon raft (vehicle transport pontoon) is currently hard to use. Needs many clicks before unloading. I have the feeling pontoon raft curently unload better if the unload command is NOT the area command and if this command is given very close of water.
When trying to unload in a very sloped coast, the pootoon will often just not unload.