Technical difficulties


I recently downloaded Spring 1944: Operation Lubyan (v1.06) on to my laptop (Windows Vista) to play during the long, lonely waiting times at the airport.

I managed to get it all installed, the lobby open, the game loading…

But as soon as it reaches ‘generating trees’ in the loading screen it cuts back to windows and comes up with a ‘content error’ message saying:

‘Error at position 526 near ‘‘xyz, vertex.normal.z, program.’’ when loading vertex program file treeNS.vp: invalid color result’

I’ve tried re-installing the program several times. In then uninstalled it and downloaded it again, the same message came up. I tried downloading the earlier version of the game Operation: Konstantin (v0.92) and had the same error message, leading me to believe the problem is with my computer (as always) and not the file.

Could someone please tell me what this message means, and if I can do something to fix it so that I can play the game and not go insane in the airport terminal?

What kind of video card is in this laptop?

If you don’t know, please attach the file infolog.txt, which can be found in the Spring folder (C:\program files\spring 1944\ probably), to a post here.


Thanks for the quick response.

My graphics card is an SiS Mirage 3, which I looked up online and is the bottom of the range one that comes with my laptop model and is one step up from a shadow puppet theatre.

Unless there is some way to turn all the settings down so that it’ll run I’ll probably have to wait 'till I get home and can get Spring on my PC, which has a Nvidia card.

Thanks a lot anyway.