Tanks and Smoke

I was wondering if there are any plans to have smoke dischargers/launchers on tanks in a future release?

It was briefly considered, I think the feeling was that it would be more of a hindrance given how the smoke system works (cloaks units in smoke and reduces their LoS and accuracy to near 0)

Thanks FLOZi, I guess I’ll just have to learn to start firing smoke rounds with artillery. :slight_smile:

The assault tanks (Cromwell VI, Sherman 105) come with smoke rounds also

Now I didn’t know that. Mind you I’ve been putting all my efforts into learning Germany first which would explain it.

On the subject of visibility, I was wondering what your thoughts are on spotter planes being able to see everything beneath them? Is there any flexibility in the future for recon planes when they’re flying over a dense forest of maybe having limited LOS based on chance and/or fuzzy logic perhaps if, say, the units in the forest aren’t moving?

We’ve experimented with hiding units in the cover of features, but we made it so that maps have a config file which has simple rectangular zones where units are hidden. There’s been a better gadget made by someone else in the Spring community, which actually determines how thick feature coverage is and such. We might take a look at using that at some point.

Personally I’d like germans to have StuH 42 complete with smoke rounds but I don’t have much sway over balance. :stuck_out_tongue: