Tank/Unit surounded by friendly units.

Bug Summary: A unit maybe a Tank dont attacks a target if friendly units staying between tank and target.

Bug Description: A tank (in my test the Tiger dont shoot at the target if friendly units staying between tank and target, then the tank trys to driver more near to the target but he fail he drives slow and drives “incomplete” cycles (i hopy you understand) the unit dont really move it dont rotat the turret anyway. This isnt good i think.

Steps to reproduce: I Start the game, build a tiger/tanks/unit(mainly armored units), give the unit a target and troops staying between target and tank, the turret dont move but the MG fires and the tanks/apcs (what ever) dont really move to the position but the rotate or something i cant really explain so watch the pic i add:

The tank on the right is moving strange (you cant see it here) the other tanks/apcs dont move they only fire with the MG and dont rotate the turret.

I also noticed that the vehicles dont really are able to reach their target (I mean vehicles like the APC on the pic or infantry support vehicles they driving in a cycle around their destination.

System Specs: Windows/LinuX
AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+
XFX Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX+ 512MB GDDR3 775 GHz CORE
2048MB of RAM

I hope i was helpful or something. Maybe someone else already noticed it ^^