Tank thrower

Does anybody know what’s this for?

LOL i never saw anything like this but a think it have something to do with the tracks, or hills or maybe you know what i mean?

Indeed it’s for testing grip of tracks when the tank is at an angle to the horizontal

Reminds me of this picture


lol tank silencer xD

Did anybody figure out what that thing actually was, besides phallic?

Most probably it’s for measuring muzzle velocity of shells coming out of that gun.

Mythbusters does that with some black and white paint and a slowmo camera, if that really is for gauging muzzle velocity I will cry.

Apparently it IS a muzzle/sound suppressing device, installed to keep noise down so as not to disturb nearby residents.

Suburbia can rest in peace, under the watchful but relatively quiet barrels of local armour divisions. That must have been really damn fun to design.

New German superweapons :smiley: